Life Matters International

A Global Initiative

Medical Mission projects designed to decrease maternal mortality and foster maternal, child and entire family health.



Decrease maternal mortality, the number of women dying during pregnancy

Strengthen mothers’ ability to prevent disease for themselves, their baby and the entire family

Enable physician extenders to provide quality maternal healthcare

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Thriving families acroess the globe with each mother as their cornerstone for health



We are healthcare and allied professional volunteers. We consider it our duty to share our expertise with partners in need. We do so through repeated week-long medical missions to a city/ municipality in the Philippines. Our projects ensure that our partners at the target sites will be able to prevent women from dying during childbirth. Also, disease prevention will be a strong part of healthcare in their communities.

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Physician extenders and POCUS

Social and cultural sensitivity

Knowledge transfer in partnership

Outcomes and the importance of data

Sustainability without dependency

Maximum impact with minimum overhead

UN Sustainable Development Goals for Health

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For each target municipality in the Philippines, our missions are conducted several times per year over a total period of two years, each mission lasting one to two weeks. They are carefully designed to seamlessly integrate into local conditions at the target site for maximum impact and quality care to remain beyond the 2-year period.

Passionate about making a real difference?

We hope you share our passion and sense of responsibility for improving the healthcare of the less fortunate. There are many ways to get involved.

  • Remain engaged and informed about our projects and activities.
  • Donate to support decreasing the mortality rate of women during pregnancy.
  • Join our team as a local or international volunteer.

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